Andy Serkis’ Reading of “The Lord of the Rings”

Well, in my listening to Serkis' reading of LotR, Frodo has been stabbed and we're mere paragraphs away from meeting Tom, Bert, and William again. This is far enough to allow me to pass some judgement on the overall performance, I think.Short version: I like it very much. I can confidently recommend it.Longer version: Serkis... Continue Reading →

Gollum’s ‘Character’

Someone over on Quora asked what we learn of Gollum's character from the Riddles in the Dark chapter. I think it's a really interesting character study as we actually learn a great deal about Gollum from the riddle game. First, let’s look at a summary of the riddles in their proper order, with Gollum’s in... Continue Reading →

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