Tolkien Tea Towel!

Today I went to the Tolkien Exhibition at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. More on that in a future post. For now, here’s what I picked up!

I’ve been trying to reduce superfluous junk in the house and I’m also on a budget. So as much as I would have liked a set of Tolkien mugs, Tolkien keyrings, notebooks, pencils, jewellery, magnets, buttons (etc.), I kept my buying to a bare minimum.

Of course I need a copy of the exhibition book itself (again, more on this in a future post).


But my unusual purchase is my tea towel. It seems weird at first. But I intend to hang it in my man cave…maybe frame it or do a mini tea towel tapestry?


Belle for scale .


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  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it was to make those choices in the shop. Browsing through the online-shop and making picks kept me busy for hours, as purchases had to be fitted into a limited budget. They say that the shop in Oxford has even more on sale!


    1. I found the exact opposite. Much of the jewellery was missing (only one type of earrings; no cufflinks whatsoever; only a few of the buttons); only one type of magnet; “Tolkien Treasures” was notably missing.

      It could be they were awaiting stock. Indeed, I asked about the earrings, as I’d intended to get some for my Mrs., and the clerk did indeed say that jewellery was on back-order.

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      1. Yes indeed. And in my experience, everyone was very respectful at the exhibit. I encountered a quiet crowd, with very few young children and those that were in attendence were under control. One felt able to spend time on it, and didn’t feel rushed or distracted.

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