Long Lost Shire Poetry

An excerpt from the Blue Book of Frogmorton (not nearly so well-known as its red cousin in Westmarch):

There once was a hobbit named Baggins

Who’d gone off to steal jools from a dragon

Folk thought he was dead

but he came back instead

And his treasure set tongues all a-waggin’.

As with most entries in the Blue Book, the author of this piece cannot be identified. However it has been theorised to be the work of Otho Sackville-Baggins or possibly Ted Sandyman.

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  1. What a discovery! It will set the tongues of literary critics “a waggin'” for many a year in whatever watering holes they gather. For my own part I have doubts about the Otho Sackville-Baggins or Ted Sandyman theory. Experience has taught me that people of their ilk tend to fill their minds with “stuff” not unlike Saruman’s machinery and are incapable, even, of humorous verse. If it had not been for the Frogmorton connection I would have suggested Old Rory Brandybuck, brother in law to Bilbo and uncle to Frodo. It seems closer to his kind of humour (see The Long Expected Party). Of course it may only have been gathered at Frogmorton and composed elsewhere.
    Have you read it to your daughter? I hope she enjoyed it!

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